我代购的某linode vps显然是又被攻击了,刚刚收到的linode流量超标提醒。linode后台默认设置的是流量到达80%的时候,会有邮件提醒。

Your Linode, linodexxxxxx (linodexxxxxx), has exceeded the bandwidth quota threshold for notification.  It has used 162.0663 GB of 200 or 81.0%.

This is an automated message, please do not respond to this email.  If you have questions, please open a support ticket.

You can view or change your alert thresholds under the “Settings” tab of the Linode Manager.

This is not meant as a warning or a representation that you are misusing your resources.  We encourage you to modify the thresholds based on your own individual needs.

You may access the members’ site at <>.

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